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Posted by Lori on Apr 09, 2024
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April 30, 2024
This week's speaker was Dawn Fleming-Kendall who is the Dean of Global Connection Academy. GCA is a private ODE & ODJFS-accredited, independent school located in Thompson, Ohio in the previous Ledgemont elementary school on Burrows Road. It's founder Lucy Lang wanted a school that radically changed education as it was. GCA is a hands-on learning environment with nature. The goal of education is to inspire students to find their motivation. And Dawn believes the student centered and student focused learning is helping them achieve that goal. The students this year have built both a food pantry and a chicken coop; a place to put the chickens which they hatched, they have visited senior living facilities and they have scored dramatically well on state testing. 
The school provides a preschool, and grades K-5 this school year and will expand that to K-7 next school year. Their enrollment more than doubled from this school year to next year. Their goal was to have 60 students for the 2024-2025 school year, they already have that and are hoping to get a few more students before the school year begins. They have 2 teachers who teach in grade bands this year and will have 5 teachers in the fall. Dawn is really looking forward to the next years and the growth of Global Connection Academy. 
Here is the website if you or anyone you know might be interested in GCA:
Pictured is Dawn Fleming-Kendall, Dean of Global Connection Academy.
May 14th speaker will be Gary Blackie, owner of Laurentia Winery.  The meeting will be held in the main building because Pioneer School will be using the barn. 
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Club  News

New members Matt Frate and Ken Graham being inducted by Sue Ellis. 
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