Posted by Lori on Oct 03, 2023
This week we had Patrick Stitts, Public Service Coordinator from the Lake County Department of Utilities speak at the meeting. Joining him was Matthew Armand, Director of Administration. Patrick provided a lot of information about the 2 water plants, 2 waste water facilities, 4 package plants, and the solid waste facility in Lake County. The 2 water plants at the East and West end of the county provide about 9 million to 18 million gallons of water a day to the customers of Lake County. They maintain about 550 miles of water mains and 800 miles of sewer pipes which are mostly gravity fed. Patrick told us there are 8 water towers around the county. When you see those towers it is because there is a change in elevation, the towers allow them to meet the water needs of all the customers. Patrick also told us that those water towers actually have underground storage of water as well, so it's not what you see is what you get. Our members asked lots of questions with most answered by both Patrick and Matthew. 
Matthew Stitts, Public Service Coordinator and Matthew Armand, Director of Administration of the Lake County Department of Utilities.