Posted by Lori on Jun 11, 2024
June 18, 2024 
Our speaker today was Julia Schick, Director of Communications at Laketran. Joining her today for support was also Kerry Jonke, Manager of Customer Experience. They brought with them some goody bags for the members and some great information about Laketran.
Julia spoke about all the things Laketran has accomplished since they last spoke at one of our meetings way back in 2019, just before their levy passed. Although Julia didn't speak about the reduction in sales tax rate, it's important to note that due to a surplus of federal COVID-19 funds, Laketran's Board of Trustees was able to suspend 0.25 of 1% sales tax levy for one year beginning July first. Way to go Laketran!
Julia spoke about their Dial-A-Ride service which is a county wide door to door service. They even offer next day service if needed. They are working on trying to implement same day service. She spoke about the 9 local routes used by many to get to and from work. Also the Park And Ride service which has suffered a bit from the result of the pandemic. They have a mobile app, the riders can purchase a pass or put money to pay for the ride on their app.  She told us also that a pass is approximately $85 for 30 days but if a rider reaches that mark prior to 30 days they will not be charged until the 30 days are over. What a wonderful perk on the Laketran app.  
In 2021 they began adding battery operated buses to their fleet along with the infrastructure for on-route charging. During COVID they also instituted the Mobile Food Pantry and have continued to pass out boxes of food 4 times a month. They have extended hours to help with riders going to and from work in the early morning or later in the evening. They also have Transit Go and a High School Program where companies and schools pay for passes for their employees or students who need transportation. 
Pictured is Kerry and Julia from Laketran.
June 25, 2024 our speaker will be Pam Palermo, from The Fine Arts Association.  The meeting will be in the barn at the Lake County History Center, near the white silo.